We produce eco-friendly cotton bags. Our bags made of 100% cotton natural fabric. 

  •  The bags are manufactured in Uzbekistan (land of cotton).
  • Our cotton bags are environmentally-friendly.
  • We plant, grow, pick up cotton and make it fiber then produce yarn and weave a fabric and then sew bags.
  • That’s why we offer high quality cotton bags and low prices for them.
  • We always control the quality our products to make sure that we offer you the best cotton bags.
  • We print with the use of screen printing technique.
  • All possible colour combinations.
  • Our offer is addressed to retailers, supermarkets, advertising agencies, companies organizing promotional campaigns and etc.
  • COTTONLAND makes it a priority to establish long-term and friendly relationship with its clients  

Promotional cotton bags for your brand – only by COTTONLAND. We invite you to cooperation!


Cottonland is a manufacturer of cotton bags in Uzbekistan. Since 2019 we work in cluster system. Cluster system is consist of several companies such as “Cottonland” LLC, “Kamalak Shabnam teks” LLC, “Buxoro Zarhal teks” LLC, “Olot Spinner” LLC and others.  

We start the production from planting, growing, picking up cotton and make it fiber, produce yarn and weave a fabric and finish by sewing bags. These processes let us produce environmentally-friendly cotton bags with high quality and low price.

We grow cotton more than 3000 hectares. We have our cotton processing factory, spinning factory, weaving and sewing factories. We regularly check the quality from cotton fiber till bags.

Also we offer recycled cotton bags which is now actual for European countries. Composition of recycled cotton bags is 95% cotton and 5% recycled pet.

We are always happy to cooperate with you.


Cottonland works in cluster system. Cluster system covers  agriculture and industry sector. We grow cotton more than 3000 hectares. After picking cotton processing factory makes cotton fibers. Our spinning factory from cotton fibers produce cotton yarns and yarns go to weaving factory for making fabrics. After weaving ready fabrics will be used for sewing bags, dyed and printed fabrics for bed linens and etc. In weaving factory we use modern weaving looms (Picanol).

Our bags are made in a modern weaving and sewing factories. We have modern machinery relying on high-class equipment – safety stitch overlock machines, lockstitch sewing machines with automatic thread trimmer and reverse sewing. We guarantee high product quality and ensure that each bag is finished to every detail.

Our sewing factory has a possibility of producing thousands of bags daily. Thorough quality control at each individual production stage facilitates efficient execution of every order.

We can print any bag by screen printing.

We provide high quality cotton products for your business. We produce any cotton, shopping, reusable, promotional bags accordingly to customers requirements and needs.



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